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How To Enjoy Heaven On Earth Now

Ngozi Nwoke

Have you ever imagined how it would be like if you can start living on earth as if you were in heaven? Heaven being a beautiful place is paved with gold and is a pain and sorrow free place; you have only joy and peace. Is it possible to have heaven on earth you may ask? I have good news for you- yes you can enjoy heaven on earth. This article aims at showing you how to enjoy heaven while you are on earth. And I heard a loud voice...


Staying Away From Drama May Simply Be An Excuse From The Truth

Susan Thom

The catch phrase for today is, "I don’t want the drama." We all deserve to live in peace, but reality knocks on our door everyday, and with it, often times comes drama. People have been escaping drama for years through alcohol, pills, drugs, and keeping to themselves. They can safely protect their emotions behind a wall of, "I don’t want to deal with the drama." They distance themselves from anyone who...


How To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick - Losing Weight and Improving Health

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz

There's something about the New Year that evokes a renewed optimism when it comes to losing weight and improving health. Our desire and enthusiasm takes over and we are certain that our New Year's resolutions will totally work out this time. Never mind the fact that we abandoned last year's resolution by Valentine's Day. And the year before that (and the year before that) was no different. Sound familiar? But what if.



Waist-Watching? Add Soup, Whole Grains and Citrus

Michelle Stewart

As we start the New Year, I've had a ton of questions from my clients focusing on their interest in giving a jumpstart to their healthy lifestyle goals. I've had questions on the Green cleanse, shapely shakes, citrus cleanse, green tea diet, food lovers cleanse, and more. My response to those inquiries is consistent with my mantra- "for better health all things in moderation; there is not one food that is all good or all...



Ella Camp

There have been stories throughout time that have wanted to be told; and yet, the intolerant temper of the times did urge the storyteller to the couching safety of the metaphor, parable and fairytale; which we are now left to decipher through the glass darkly. In this certain time and place- a place as yet unknown to earthly human senses; in an instant before time was marked on this miniscule uncharted world in the furthest reaches..


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The Business of Medicine - Part 2

Marlin Woosley

My father was never one to go the doctor unless he was on the verge of being carried in. If anything, he would see the company nurse, in the factory where he worked, for ailments that most of us would consider reasons for routine doctor visits. He had a genuine distrust of doctors. His favorite saying was, “I have to live with my mistakes and they’re out there for everyone to see, but doctors bury theirs.” My...


Dining at the Table of Chef Ottavio Bellesi

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Dining at a Chef’s Table should always be a titillating treat of tantalizing tastes. Traditionally, a Chef’s Table is located in the kitchen – where the guests can watch, and “ ooh” and “ ahh” as the Chef and his/her team work their culinary magic. That was not how it was at the Table of Chef Ottavio Bellesi aboard the Golden Princess – and here’s why. From the beginning..


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My Friend Abolghasem. Chat #1.

Bruce Horst

abolghasem: Sent at 10:55 PM on Tuesday me: Hey, is that really you? abolghasem: hi yes long time no see! me: Yes! How are you? abolghasem: i am fine how are you? and your family? me: We're doing well. I've been thinking of you since the terrorist attacks in France. I see your President has condemned the attacks? abolghasem: I know he thought the cartoonist was.


Review: Take Back the Memory


Author: Augustine Sam Publisher: Melange Books LLC ISBN: 9781612359861 In award-winning poet, Augustine Sam 's debut novel Take Back The Memory, psychiatrist Paige Lyman reluctantly follows the advice of her daughter Diane, who thinks her mother is going mad, and seeks professional help from a psychoanalyst, Dr. Wilson. What follows is a series of psychoanalysis sessions wherein using free association Paige is...


Chocolate Pecan Pie with Bourbon Raspberries (serves 8) © Kevin Ashton 1992

kevin ashton

When I first created this recipe in America back in 1992 several well know magazines asked me for the recipe and I stoutly refused because my philosophy back then was if you liked that dish you would come to my restaurant. Pecan nuts are under used and thus pecans are usually still cheaper than Walnuts in the UK. A pecan, like the fruit of all other members of the hickory genus, is not truly a nut, but is technically a drupe, a...


Why Living in The Present Is NOT The Answer

Neil Killion

It seems that we are being flooded with the benefits of mindfulness meditation; almost constantly exhorted to 'live in the present moment' and not to dwell in 'the disappointments of the past' or 'worries about the future'. This has its roots in the Buddhist religion. Mindfulness meditation is underpinned by a rationale of communing with a universal consciousness, as Buddhists do not accept a creator...



Lesson Learned in Blood

Steve Kovacs

This article contains graphic content that may upset some readers. If you are bothered by graphic descriptions of blood and related content, you may not want to read further. I’ll never forget that early morning. I’ll never forget the deep soul-crying and utter feeling of devastation I witnessed. I was a young cop and learned a deep lesson that morning that I couldn’t have learned any better if I had attended.


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