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Nevada is Home to the Thomas Flyer that Won the Only Around the World Auto Race

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

We found an American treasure in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada . Hidden in plain view among hundreds of classic cars is the 1907 Thomas Flyer, the winner of the first and only Around the World Auto Race. After decades of neglect, in 1964 the dilapidated Thomas Flyer was painstakingly restored to her original condition by forty car craftsmen in the Harrah’s Classic Car Museum...


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The Business of Medicine – Deep Pockets

Marlin Woosley

A few months ago I was reviewing a statement from my healthcare insurance company and found one line entry very interesting. I am going from memory alone so the figures are not precise but rounded. The line entry that caught my attention had to do with charges for an abdominal CT scan. The charge for the CT scan was $3000. The insurance company claimed a $2700 discount, leaving $300 to be paid. The insurance company paid nothing of..


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Cheddar Man was NOT a Cannibal

Jack H. Schick

When the mitochondrial DNA 'authorities' had scraped from the inside of his cheek matched the DNA they'd extracted from "Cheddar Man's" back tooth, Adrian Targett was not seriously concerned. He still wasn't worried when genetic investigations revealed that the unidentified human remains (which the news media called Cheddar Man)--a skeleton of a male who was approximately 23 years old when he suffered a...




Desiree Lotz

" Winning is the science of being totally prepared." -- George Allen, third winningest NFL football coach percentage (.681), behind Vince Lombardi (.736) and John Madden (.731) Sports fever crosses all continental boundaries and is focused on games that can result in only one winner. However, regardless of whether our favorite teams come out on top or not, during brief spans of time Man’s diversity of cultures...


The Mighty Coconut Has A Lesson For Us All

Neil Killion

On one particular occasion when Albert Einstein was presiding over a physics final exam, a puzzled student asked him:- "Dr. Einstein, aren't these the same questions as last year's exam?" Einstein replied :- "Yes, but this year the answers are different." In every branch of science, the 'answers' change from year to year, decade to decade. To illustrate the point, let's consider the...


Review: Burnout Authored By Dr. Joe Uricchio


Title: Burnout: A Novel Author: Joe Uricchio M.D. Publisher: CHB MEDIA ISBN: 978-0-9911189-9-1 With his debut thriller, Burnout Joe Uricchio, M.D. has crafted quite a potboiler of a yarn as he intertwines his skills as an orthopedic surgeon with thrilling suspense scenes. The novel is set in Belize on the eastern coast of Central America, and by the way it is the only country in Central America whose official.


African American Botanist Sowed Seeds of Good Health

Michelle Stewart

There is a long list of "power foods," and at the top of the heap you'll find sweet potatoes and peanuts. Surprisingly the two have more in common than their popularity on the "hot" list. Both of the foodstuffs were studied by Dr. George Washington Carver who invented numerous uses for them. Carver was an African American botanist and inventor in Alabama during the early twentieth century. His life's work...


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My Dog Sensed Something That None of us Knew


Dogs are intuitive, they know when there are changes coming in the home or to the members of the family. We just witnessed some marvelous behavior from my dog. I would also use this blog to announce that I became a mom on 10th of this month. So proud to tell all my readers that me and my husband are blessed with a healthy cute baby boy and being a mom is the awesome-est feeling ever. We are also pet parents of a 3 year old female.


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Everyone Fades Away—Don’t Let it Happen

Steve Kovacs

The 25 year-old babe looked puzzled when a man mentioned the legendary actor, Marlin Brando. It was Oscar time and his name was mentioned because he was an acting icon. A giant among actors in America. As I noticed her funny look the 45 year-old man who brought Brando up must have noticed that look too. He asked her, “You probably have no clue who Marlin Brando was, do you?” She blushed and exclaimed, “No, I’m...


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Worry Can Be All Consuming

Susan Thom

For someone who believes in God, and all the quotes about Faith and God’s wisdom watching over us, I cannot seem to find a way to stop the worry that circles my mind in a constant fashion. If it’s not for one thing, there’s always another. I have lived long enough to know all things work out for the best in the end, even if they don’t happen the way we wanted or prayed for, but my mind chooses to worry anyway....


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What “Making Art” Is NOT.

Tex Norman

I expect most readers will disagree with my views, but I am compelled to put them down anyway. Whenever I write or talk about creativity and the creative process, or whenever someone finds out I make art, I get these sorts of comments: “ You are sooooo talented. I can’t even draw a straight line .” [I can’t either. I use a ruler or T-square for a guide and often the line is still NOT straight.] ...


Planetary Suicide

Joel Hirschhorn

Every so often a nonfiction book comes along that, because of its objective, comprehensive coverage of a hot topic, should be carefully read with a highlighter in hand by everyone. That new book is “Unprecedented” by David Ray Griffin. Be warned, this book will probably bum you out. It presents the most readable treatment of the global warming and climate change issue that anyone could wish for. It is not an emotional.


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