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I've Climbed... Over Time... as I'M..... now creating... THIS esoteric Prime Time Internal Rhyme...

Robin Brown

I’ve been blessed to possess this conscious ability to manifest an in-ter-est to reques t a test to invest in my present thoughts which I had once repressed... and at MY request... for it's just self-confessed and once self-professed from EGO possessed . It’s merely conscious self-in-ter-est reflecting the higher self or the state of unstressed rest self-addressed...


The Rowboat (Part 3: Plugging the Leaks)

Jack H. Schick

Great Grammy Thatcher was still alive when we bought our rowboat from Dead-eye, which meant we had to go to church that Sunday. We went to the Reformed Church on West Broad Street, near Fifth. It happened to be the day they gave a prize to the youngest and oldest person there. My mom thought they did it just to get people to come to church in the summer. Grammy Thatcher lost again, by one year, to the same old lady she lost to every...


New York Times Telling the Truth About Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

Jennifer Stewart

David Leonhardt of the New York Times recently sent out an email to subscribers introducing himself and asking what we wanted to read, even providing an email address. I replied. "I've been reading the NYT every morning with my breakfast for years. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was ready to ditch my subscription; disillusioned with all the irresponsible attention given to Trump, sick to death of headlines that...



Once Upon a Catch a Fairy Tail Tea Story

Arlene Wright-Correll

Once Upon a Catch a Fairy Tail Tea Story© By Arlene Wright-Correll Once upon a time, many years ago, after a long day’s work at Home Farm Herbery , I decided to sit on the patio and have a cup of tea as the evening faded into darkness. As I looked out over gardens and ponds I started to notice thousands and thousands of blinking light that at first I thought was fireflies. However,...



Hilda Cang

A lot of people are getting married everyday around the globe while a lot of people are getting divorced almost at the same time in proportion. It has become one of those "make believe" that, that is the single most important thing which is happening at this very moment to the particular people on the planet, be it getting married or getting divorced, the motive for the project is in full force to get it done in due time. ..


Dog Quotes For Every Dog Lover

Bernard Branson

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make lives whole.” - Roger Caras “Dogs are my favorite people.” - Richard Dean Anderson “Dogs are wise. The crawl away into a quite corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” - Agatha Christie “Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.” - Emily Dickson ...





She didn't like him from the very beginning. He wanted to have his room's striking plate repaired, as someone had taken away the upper screw of it. She said he had to put it in writing. He asked her for some paper. She gave it to him, but demanded that he would go to the table to write it. The note had only one sentence, so he said that he could do it at the window. She, quite of a sudden, protested rigorously with some...


Words Left Unspoken Can Help In Every Relationship

Susan Thom

Most of us want our feelings heard and respected. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. We want to feel good about ourselves so when we feel we are not being heard or respected we tend to want to lose our temper. Sometimes this temper is filled with animosity and anger, even though you may love the other person. However, due to the fact that we are human, we make mistakes and if we’re lucky, we’ll have some outside support in.


Happy Universal Halloween-

Ella Camp

Halloween is the time of the year that we've designated to tip our hats to the darker side of life, because we know it is there. And we fear it. Despite all our efforts to bury it in the light of day, we must at times, acknowledge it's existence. We celebrate our defiance of it in the dark of night; where we think it belongs, and where we wish it would stay, but alas, it's like trying to contain a basket of vipers, which.



How Gene Became Willy Wonka

Neil Killion

The recent death of much-loved actor Gene Wilder has received considerable media coverage. In line with my post on Muhammad Ali, in which I displayed an incredible 20 out of 20 recently-departed celebrity profiles with a verifiable match to 'Life Cycles Theory' , I have decided to once again put myself to the 'blind test' of analysing the life and career of Gene. I have only two questions to try to answer initially:-.


Mustard Pickles - vintage recipe from Quebec Canada

Jessie Eldora

LUCY'S MUSTARD PICKLES – Quebec recipe – Dutch Pickles 2 cups peeled cucumbers, cut to size 3 small red pepper, some green, chop small bits 2 cups, chopped onions /or silver skin onions 1 small cauliflower, break into florets 2 cups diced celery 4 c. green beans, cut, in bits (when cut in thirds, beans tend to be crunchy). Optional: 2 c sliced green tomatoes and/or 1.



A Strange Age

Sara O'Rourke

To write it takes an idea, usually bright and full of conviction at the time, or at least the scent of your getting closer to something enlightening, which you find as you unravel its disguise as you tap at your keyboard. I used to be full of ideas, full of 'first-time' feelings and concerns that felt too important not to document. It is only now, perhaps, slowly accepting that I will soon be approaching 'middle-age',...


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