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Fish on the Menu Helps Scale Back Calories

Michelle Stewart

Now that Spring has arrived, I've had calls from several clients and organizations asking me to share information to help them shape up for events on their calendars. Whether it is the Summer wedding, vacation or annual gala they are now focusing with laser-like sharpness on what they can do to morph into very svelte silhouettes as soon as possible. To reach your goals you'll need to trim calories and add exercise to your...


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Prayer-A Touch From The Divine, Or For Some, Words Spoken In Vain

Susan Thom

I think maybe those who don’t believe in prayer are more mathematical and take everything as a planned coincidence. I, on the opposite spectrum, take everything to be on the precipice that there IS a God, so everything happens according to His choosing, even if it was that I was created with free choice. His choice, but there has to be some being or entity that is "He." We who believe, trust that our intuition is right..


Higher Self to Higher Self

Jeanna Gabellini

Being a coach and loving the art of effective communication would seem to give me supernatural powers in my relationships. At least that's what I thought! It turns out that sometimes it takes more than communication to get a team or a relationship synergistically aligned. Let's say that Bob is someone that you have to work with in order to get a project done. He keeps doing this "thing" that creates obstacles for.


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Breaking the Barriers: The Rise of Women Entrepreneurs

Jessie I Snyder

Are you a woman owned company? Do you find it difficult to break the barriers of women entrepreneurship to become successful? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may find this article helpful. In this article I am going to discuss challenges of being an entrepreneur, provide suggestions for woman entrepreneurs on how women can break the barriers of entrepreneurship and become successful. Let’s start with some.


Washington DC - A Dream Half Realised

Neil Killion

A couple of years ago I visited Washington and was most impressed when our guide explained the height restrictions on all buildings. He said the original notion was that no buildings be taller than Capitol Hill, because this symbolised freedom and no idea was above freedom. I'm told that currently there are now four buildings that are higher, but we're not here to split hairs. Washington is also based on Jefferson's...


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Can You Catch a Frog?

Jack H. Schick

I drove up to the Incinerator Complex the other day to check out a malfunction that was written on the propane system--it was "making a funny noise." As I drove by on my utility cart Tony, an operator up there, flagged me down. He was over at #2 Primary Clarifier telescopic valves drawing sludge. He trotted over to my cart with a concerned look on his face and, in absolute seriousness, asked, "Can you catch a frog?".


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A Vacation Hideaway for Dignitaries Like You: The Chalet of Canandaigua

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

When TV newscasters show two or three global leaders meeting in seclusion to talk peace, we are often impressed with the beautiful woodland surroundings the planners choose for such discussions. Well, we found a retreat these meeting handlers have missed, and the world leaders will be disappointed – however, you needn’t be. The chalet is in the Finger Lakes Region of New York Eleven thousand...


6 Ultimate Inca Trail Highlights

Mia Gordon

One of the most popular hikes in South America, the Inca Trail is definitely the experience of a lifetime. A centuries-old trail, it begins in the ancient Incan capital of Cusco and winds some 88 kilometers to some of the world’s most iconic ruins: Machu Picchu. Of course, the entirety of Inca Trail is absolutely stunning, from stunning snowcapped Andean peaks to centuries-old ruins situated in bucolic river valleys. However,...


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Equality and Equality, Nothing Else


Feminism and women empowerment is the buzz in India, everybody seems to have an opinion about it and they are either for it or against it. Funny thing is that everybody seems to have his/her own definition of the word “feminism”. Some people rightly define it equality of genders others seem to complain about it, some others are trying to cover up their wrong intentions under the umbrella of Feminism. And there are both men..


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Proud & Surprised—A Million Hits and Counting

Steve Kovacs

I’m proud and surprised that I’ve recently surpassed a milestone of one-million readers on my online articles. I never thought I’d ever get near a million readers but it’s happened and I’m as pleased as could be. I’ve been writing for about six-years now, mainly contributing to three internet sites. On one site, I have about 427,000 hits, on another, about 127,000 and on a site that I haven’t...


Pastry World Cup

kevin ashton

In case you missed it the two most important culinary competitions in the world took place in Lyon France on January 27th and 28th, 2013. Held every two years the Pastry World Cup and the Bocuse D'or is without doubt the pinnacle. This photo above is the stunning chocolate cake made by the Belgium team and they didn't even come in the top 3! Held at one of Europe's largest catering trade fair's called the Sirha;...


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10 Ways Tame Your Sweet Tooth

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz

Consciously or not, the average American consumes 28 teaspoons of added sugars a day - that's more than 90 pounds of sugar per year. The American Heart Association recommends women limit their added sugar to just 100 calories per day (6 teaspoons) and men to 150 calories a day (9 teaspoons). So, the bottom line is that most of us eat way too much. Read on to learn why this can be a problem and what you can do about it. ...


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