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A 21st Century Trip to California: Trains, Planes and Automobiles (Part II)

Jack H. Schick

There wasn't too much of a delay taking off out of Philly. That's always problematic. I hate that airport! One time I was delayed on the tarmac for 90 minutes and had to run, literally, to make my connection in Houston. They were making last call when I got there, rushed me to my seat and slammed the door shut behind me. I knew there was a young couple with a drag-along kid on the same flight, and making the same connection. I..


A Review of Faith & Doubt by J Ortberg

Tex Norman

A lot of my recent reading has been on the subject of doubt. After finishing The Atheist who Believes In God by Frank Schaeffer I moved on to a more organized approach by a well known Christian writer, John Ortberg. Mr. Ortberg’s work is far more focused and clearly he is a minister with a hope to help Christians who struggle with doubt. The Book, Faith and Doubt makes it clear that if you have faith, you have...


Dish Up Nuts, Seeds and Legumes for Good Health

Michelle Stewart

In looking at food trends for the coming year, Nielsen research indicates that ninety-one percent of people say they snack daily and snacking is on the rise among all age groups and genders. And I am encouraged that folks are focusing more on snacks that are rich in nutrients like nuts, seeds and legumes--choices that earn high marks from me. These three foods are readily available nutrition powerhouses. They are excellent sources of...


Chill Pill for Profits

Jeanna Gabellini

Have you ever thought ... “I’m not sure what action to take first? And I’m not sure the action I take will get the results I want.” Here’s a question to remedy that issue: What do I feel most inspired to do? If you can let go of what you’re “supposed” to do, you’ll usually have a very clear answer. And it may have nothing to do with business. I was recently...



Bing Limousin

Santa really didn’t know what to make of it all. “Nothing,” was the only reply he got from every family member who plopped onto his generous lap, answering his famous question. Just as quickly, each jumped off and raced for the door. It was like they were content being with Santa for a only a moment because it was Christmas, a happy time of the year. But then again, for them, every day was a happy day. Santa..


Review of Judith Anne Desjardins' Creating A Healthy Life And Marriage


Author: Judith Anne Desjardins Publisher: Spirit House Publishing ISBN: 978-0-9843875-0-2 Using her own personal experiences as well as the skills and knowledge she has acquired over thirty-three years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Holistic Private Psychotherapist, Judith Anne Desjardins in her Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit has crafted a...


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Bad Timing--Why Does This Crazy Stuff Happen? Life is a ….

Steve Kovacs

I’ve been watching my weight; actually, I watched it, saw that it ballooned and decided to lose some of it. After all, I’m no spring-chicken anymore and maintaining a decent weight is healthy. So, I’ve been eating turkey, chicken and trying to eat veggies more often. I’ve been doing well but moderation is not my strong suit. It’s a hard battle for me. But I trudge on. In my quest to be svelte, I trudged.


Turkish Politicians and the Flat Earth Myth

Joel Kontinen

Recently, Turkish politicians have come up with interesting views about the history of science. First, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed that Muslims discovered the Americas in the 12th century. Then Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik revealed that Muslim scientists led by al-Khwarizmi discovered that the world was round – at a time when Europe had its darkest ages. Or were they so dark after all?...


The Real James Bond - 'Life Cycles' And The Career Of Ian Fleming

Neil Killion

When Connery and Fleming were spotted together at a Paris airport in 1964 someone was heard to say :- "There's James Bond with some other chap I don't recognise." He was responded to with :- "No, that's only Sean Connery, an actor who plays Bond. He's with Ian Fleming, the man who wrote the novels and is the real James Bond! " Of course that statement is only half true, as Fleming never killed...



Cookie Mix In A Jar

Jessie Eldora

Crunchy Rainbow Cookies - Cookies in a Canning Jar – gift 1 cup Flour ½ tsp. baking powder ¾ tsp. baking soda ¼ tsp. salt ¾ c packed brown sugar ½ c sugar or substitute 1 c cornflakes ¾ c Rainbow m&m s /or other 2 tbsp. Coconut flakes 1 c rolled oats Preheat oven to 350 degrees. ½ c melted margarine, shortening, or butter /or a bit more...


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In The Deepest Crevices Of the Night, We Can Find Ourselves

Susan Thom

Life can be very busy during the day. Everyone is doing their own thing and moving around, going to work or taking care of a home, with all that entails, and the hustle and bustle keeps the mind turning. There are thoughts of what to make for dinner, how to fit children’s activities into a busy schedule, keeping your mind on your job, whatever it is, and the mind stays active. If you are at home, there is tv to take your mind off.


Business Takes Courage: How to Harness Yours


Courage in business can take all kinds of forms, from meeting with your first client to putting your first offering out into the world. Courage is often about firsts. And it can be about ongoing issues like dealing with client complaints, in a way that is respectful for both you and your client. Scary stuff. Courage requires a certain level of confidence. Confidence in yourself and your willingness to do what you need to...


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