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My Time with French Aristocrats written in 2008 from the 90's

Robin Brown

On a beautiful spring evening in Paris, my friend and I were arriving to a dinner party to celebrate a French philosopher's new book that just hit Parisian bookstores that day. We made our way to this elegant apartment in the 8th arrondissemont of the city. When we entered the apartment, we said a few hellos here and there to the few we knew. The apartment was full of French aristocrats and high society socialites. It was a little..

The Real Dan Brown Story

Neil Killion

Who really wrote Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code? Why this discredited collection of theories sold 200 million copies, but only 200 or so will read the truth :- "Revolutions and Broken Pathways - The Life Cycles of Dan Brown". Did you read my last article on Umberto Eco ? Well if you haven't you should you know, because it will explain why I am inexorably led to profile the uber-famous author of thriller...


The Brain Has A Mind All It’s Own

Susan Thom

The will to do anything in life is governed by the brain to a certain extent. A very large extent. The will to live has to be the strongest bond to our body. We may be in failing health, our organs may be shutting down, we may have terminal illnesses, but until we accept what is happening, our will to live may keep us hanging on. We gravitate to the idea that we can live with these conditions, or be cured of them. This isn’t...



Ned Beale: In Search of El Dorado

Jack H. Schick

President Ulysses S. Grant had a limited understanding of, and minimal interest in, the complex, seemingly perpetual, turmoil that was the Balkans. He was more apt to fret over Indian "trouble" in the Black Hills than to waste energy trying to comprehend the Herzegovinian Rebellion or the diplomatic moves of The League of Three Emperors. It was part of his job, though. To get his head around it he needed someone who was...



Little Girl Wounded- Cry of the Inner Child

Ella Camp

"The mental scars of any type of victimization last a lifetime," says Marilyn Benoit, M.D., psychiatrist and member of the American Medical Association's National Advisory Council on Family Violence. According to the AMA, "Assault, sexual as well as all other forms, is a silent epidemic growing at an alarming rate. "Over 61% of victims are female children." As with anything else, this has diverse...


Cruising the Rainforests of New Zealand's Fiordland National Park

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

The "Other Down Under" destination of New Zealand is on the Bucket List of many Americans -- and justly so. Problem is, New Zealand is a long way from anywhere U.S.A. Consequently, most tourists want to see as much as possible on their first visit. Our suggestion for an orientation trip to New Zealand – book a cruise. The rationale A cruise will visit several ports on the two islands of New Zealand, which is a...


Josef Two Shoes

kevin ashton

I first wrote about this extraordinary man back in 2008 and you can read more of that post here . Author and chocolate expert Georg Bernardini said,”Josef Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all.” (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 839). Bernardini, a chocolatier himself and recognised expert, tested chocolate from..


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