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The Day My Dad Stole a Christmas Tree

Jack H. Schick

They tore down a house on the south side of Mill Street recently. It was a little brick one next to the 'factory' that's been there all of my life, just east of the railroad tracks. They razed it to widen the factory's driveway. I immediately thought: "They've paved paradise,put up a parking lot"; but, there've been times when big trucks making deliveries there delayed me. They totally blocked the...


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Each Ending Starts A New Beginning

Susan Thom

Change is very difficult for many of us to deal with and accept. Our thinking process changes, our routines change, and our relationships are in constant motion. Change is inevitable every second of the day. People change, weather changes, thoughts change, and actions change. Hopefully, thoughts and actions change for the better, and are positive and powerful for our future. So many of us are filled with disappointment, fear, guilt,...


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Eve Who Art Thou?

Ella Camp

There have been stories throughout time that have wanted to be told; and yet, the intolerant temper of the times did urge the storyteller to the couching safety of the metaphor, parable and fairy tale; which we are now left to decipher through the glass darkly. In this certain time and place- a place as yet unknown to earthly human senses; in an instant before time was marked on this miniscule uncharted world in the furthest reaches.


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Do You Believe in Easy?

Jeanna Gabellini

Over the years, I've had many clients who said, "I always get what I want, but it never seems easy." All struggle is birthed in your mind . You may think you just had bad luck or random acts of technical glitches, but it all comes down to what you believe. There is nothing that can't be traced back to what you were thinking. Struggle can show up in many ways ... Financial loss or roller coaster rides ...


WHO'S SO VAIN?? - Part 2 - presenting the evidence............

Neil Killion

'No Secrets" eh?! Who are you trying to kid?? So here we are at the unlikely point of "several years ago, when I was still quite naive.." Who fits this timeline perfectly?? I'm going to introduce you to one of life's most monumental 'stuff ups'. Yes it's welcome to the world of the wicked, wacky, wastrel, known as Willie Donaldson . I'm quoting part of his Obituary :- ...


Oranit Crossed Lines Reviewed


Author: Michael Ian Benjamin Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN-10: 1508804176: ISBN-13: 978-1508804178 In Oranit Crossed Lines Michael Ian Benjamin offers up an exciting, multilayered tale set in the Israeli settlement of Iranit in the West Bank. As pointed out in the introduction, the international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but...


Italian Chargrilled Lamb Steak

kevin ashton

Ingredients 4 x 175g Lamb neck fillets or Lamb leg steaks 3Tbsp Olive oil 3 Large cloves garlic peeled 500g Vine ripe tomatoes 1 Tin (400g) of chopped tomatoes 1 Large red pepper 1/2 Large onion sliced 250ml Chicken stock 3 Small tender sprigs of rosemary 24 Coratina or Kalamata olives 450g purple sprouting broccoli Being good at barbecuing is all about controlling the heat and preparation...


Take the Family and Enjoy the Westin Princeville Resort Villas in Hawaii

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

It has been some time since we reviewed a Hawaiian vacation property, and the Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas on the leafy garden island of Kaua‘i is particularly interesting for several reasons. Mixed clientele The Westin Princeville is a village style resort that caters to a number of different types of vacationers. We spoke with Westin Vacation (timeshare) Owners, business people using their Starwood Preferred..


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Kurt Krueger, a Fight, Reflections and Hope

Steve Kovacs

When I was about 13 in the middle of my miss-spent youth I hung out at a pool hall. I was in junior high at the time when The Eastgate Coliseum was in its full glory. The huge entertainment complex housed a large bowling alley, a fantastic game room and a huge pool hall. It was a hop, skip and jump away from our school so some of us made it there every day after classes. Some of the kids played games and some hung out in the pool hall..


How to Overcome a Co-dependent Relationship

Nancy Travers

Since co-dependent relationships are not healthy for you, why is it so hard to extricate yourself? Why is it so difficult to get out of a situation that is harmful to you? Well, we all hate change, even if that change may be for the better. And if you’ve been in a co-dependent relationship your whole life, it is all you know. It’s what you’re comfortable with. You might believe that you are not worthy of a better...



Please Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Sleep

Bruce Horst

Please let me introduce you to my good friend, Sleep. I know Sleep might not be cool like your other friends, but I promise you that once you get to know Sleep, you will understand Sleep is one of your best friends ever. Whether you want to or not, you will spend more time with Sleep than probably anyone else in your lifetime. (If done right, a full third of your life!) Sleep will be there through all your ups and downs. Of...


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NAFTA on Steroids and in Stealth Mode

Marlin Woosley

Dear Esteemed POTUS and Congress of the United States of America: The Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, for what I can find out about it, is of great concern to me. Much of that concern comes from the secrecy surrounding the agreement. It seems that lobbyists for wealthy corporations are in the know but the American people are being kept in the dark. That is simply not the way that a democratic republic should work. The..


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