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The United States Camel Corps

Jack H. Schick

Major Henry C. Wayne knew well the colorful history and stellar reputation of the USS Supply --the ship on which his expedition would sail. Purchased in Boston in 1846 by the U.S. Government, the 547 ton Supply served in the Home Squadron during the Mexican-American War . In 1847, she carried William F. Lynch's renowned Dead Sea Expedition to the Holy Lands. In 1849, she transported the United States Consul to Tripoli,...


Cruising the Rainforests of New Zealand's Fiordland National Park

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

The "Other Down Under" destination of New Zealand is on the Bucket List of many Americans -- and justly so. Problem is, New Zealand is a long way from anywhere U.S.A. Consequently, most tourists want to see as much as possible on their first visit. Our suggestion for an orientation trip to New Zealand – book a cruise. The rationale A cruise will visit several ports on the two islands of New Zealand, which is a...


Stop, Evaluate And Then Decide

Susan Thom

I think stop, evaluate and then decide is a skill that we all can be reminded about. We tend to be in such a hurry sometimes, that we forget how our words and actions can affect others or situations. Since absorbing this skill, I have said half of what I once would have said. I’ve evaluated how what I am about to say is going to affect the other person, and then decide if what I am about to say is offensive or would put the other.


The Magic to Pickin' Goldbrick QUICK!

Robin Brown

I've been spiritually building my internal house... brick by brick as I slowly pick a brick... and then pick another quick. I pick a thin one, pick a thick. And then... somewhere out of the blue, I just begin focusing on LISTENING... to the Source as it is assisting Me in my picking brick . LISTENING! And then tic tic tic... click ! I'm in the condition to communicate with... INTUITION! I can now...


Josef Two Shoes

kevin ashton

I first wrote about this extraordinary man back in 2008 and you can read more of that post here . Author and chocolate expert Georg Bernardini said,”Josef Zotter is and will remain at the top of the world-best chocolate manufacturers and by far the most innovative chocolatier of all.” (Chocolate – the reference standard 2015, p. 839). Bernardini, a chocolatier himself and recognised expert, tested chocolate from..



" Let the Dreams Begin." How Dreams- God- and UFO Aliens are Connected.

Ella Camp

We may perceive life in the universe, as a dream our creator is dreaming; for a dream is but a creation, and a creation must have a dreamer. Do we devise the illusion of our life itself as we lie sleeping in this world? Is our world a vision projected by the universe, in like imitation of our creator? Within this dream on earth, we are the creating dreamer- projecting the dream of life; within the vision of earth; within a vaster...


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