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Tip of the Week-Buying and Storing Seafood

kevin ashton

Trying to buy seafood in the UK or the USA these days is still a hit and miss affair, particularly if you don’t live anywhere near a fishing port. If you have a good local fishmonger then use him! But also don’t be afraid of telling him if the fish you bought last Friday was not as fresh as usual, tactfully of course. Try to build a relationship with your fishmonger, after all when doing a dinner party, which involves...


WHO'S SO VAIN?? PART ONE - you'll get hooked........

Neil Killion

"I don't like to sleep alone......" Grrrrrrrr! There are probably no more endlessly debated trivia topics than the eternal :- "Who (in the heck) did Carly Simon write about in her uber-famous song You're So Vain?" I mean, just who is that vain?? Of course the answer is as long as a piece of string and there appear to be an avalanche of contenders. But, first and foremost is it, as Carly herself...


The Painful Truth: What Chronic Pain Is Really Like and Why It Matters to Each of Us


Author: Dr. Lynn R. Webster Publisher: Webster Media LLC ISBN: 978-0-9861407-0-9 Review of Arc Copy The relief of pain and suffering is a core ethical duty for medical professionals, unfortunately, and according to Dr. Lynn R. Webster author of The Painful Truth: What Chronic Pain Is Really Like and Why It Matters to Each of Us people in pain are regularly underserved because the system in many instances works either.


Backup Plans

Jeanna Gabellini

When you have a goal or desire that is important to you, do you ever go into mental overdrive before you see the results? I know I have. I watch my clients do it, too. You can go into overdrive in several ways: Think about every scenario possible that could go wrong Think about solutions for every scenario that could go wrong. Let anxiety strike, and when your head hits the pillow at night you have one-sentence mental...


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Depression Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Of Feelings

Susan Thom

Imagine a husband who works hard and makes a good living and treats you right. Imagine a beautiful home that you had dreamt about since you were a young child. Imagine being able to buy gorgeous furniture, mostly solid oak, as that is your favorite wood. Imagine people complimenting you on the decor and cleanliness of your home. Imagine good friends whom you can trust and they can and do trust you. Imagine, after years of wishful...



We did it. It was easy. We fell in love with Old Cape Cod

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Last fall we traveled back east to New England to be part of the annual fall festival of colors. We put over 1,000 miles on our rental car, and were treated to great weather, superb accommodations, and exquisite dining. We also met some wonderful Americans – in the land where the country began. There’s a lot to see in Massachusetts. On this trip we decided to stay away from the big cities and concentrate on small...



Reality Never Lies—Get Up Off Of That Thing and Get Real

Steve Kovacs

When I was a teenager I was a big fan of the singer and entertainer known as “The Godfather of Soul”, James Brown. He told it and sang it like it was. He wasn’t a pushover and sang about what he believed in and entertained with gusto and pride. He danced and moved around in the most guttural way possible but in a way that all human beings have deep inside themselves. Unbeknownst to many people about Brown was that...


How to Overcome a Co-dependent Relationship

Nancy Travers

Since co-dependent relationships are not healthy for you, why is it so hard to extricate yourself? Why is it so difficult to get out of a situation that is harmful to you? Well, we all hate change, even if that change may be for the better. And if you’ve been in a co-dependent relationship your whole life, it is all you know. It’s what you’re comfortable with. You might believe that you are not worthy of a better...


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The Metaphor of Good Houskeeping

Ella Camp

“All is not gold that glitters, all are not diamonds that shine.” Gold in its natural state is malleable and soft; and diamonds do not shine. Each of these earthly minerals must needs go through a manmade process in order to arrive at the state of strength and shine we so desire and admire. As a metaphor for the human spirit- they represent indestructible strength, lasting value and beauty; our unity, our love, our...


K-12 Education is Paralyzed

Bruce Deitrick Price

On Quora (a discussion site) someone posed this question: “ Who are the most innovative thinkers in the world of education reform?” As often happens, my answer went in a contrarian direction: “I want to decry the proposition that our first need is innovations. The first order of business is to get rid of all the junk and gunk in the schools. Most of the approved ideas are wrong. You cannot teach reading with...



Please Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Sleep

Bruce Horst

Please let me introduce you to my good friend, Sleep. I know Sleep might not be cool like your other friends, but I promise you that once you get to know Sleep, you will understand Sleep is one of your best friends ever. Whether you want to or not, you will spend more time with Sleep than probably anyone else in your lifetime. (If done right, a full third of your life!) Sleep will be there through all your ups and downs. Of...


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NAFTA on Steroids and in Stealth Mode

Marlin Woosley

Dear Esteemed POTUS and Congress of the United States of America: The Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement, for what I can find out about it, is of great concern to me. Much of that concern comes from the secrecy surrounding the agreement. It seems that lobbyists for wealthy corporations are in the know but the American people are being kept in the dark. That is simply not the way that a democratic republic should work. The..


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