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Cruising to the City of the Future in Valencia, Spain

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

A cruise to Spain on Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam showed us there are many contemporary reasons to consider the ancient city of Valencia as a top-notch vacation destination. Since the time of El Cid – over the last thousand years or so – Valencia has seen Christian and Muslim conquerors come and go. Its history also includes being the birthplace of three European kings and two Catholic Popes. However, for...


Children Crying, Wasting Away and Dying—It Can Stop

Steve Kovacs

Your son looks so innocent when he pets your dog and looks into its eyes. The innocence and love in his eyes brings a tear to your eye. And those special times that he comes up to you to share some new excitement in his life and he’s so full of healthy vigor and hope—makes you beam. He loves watching new movies that come out too. And he loves fishing with his grandfather and just sitting around with his younger brother....


Governments! A EUREKA and the Core of the Problem

James Taylor

Most of us have been completely confused about how our Government can function so far outside of what the Citizens really want. By example: They have laws that protect only them and healthcare...again, only for them. They can get away with almost anything. They tell us very little and keep enormous secrets. None of us can do that! How did this happen. A EUREKA enters the picture... The answer was right in front of us all the..




Bing Limousin

There is a saying…actually, it could be considered a riddle; a riddle of life…perhaps The Riddle of Life. The riddle’s components suggest that to decipher its meaning defines the meaning of all things. Hence, it turns out to be kinda like a big-time cosmic truth. But it only works if individuals posses an open mind. The kind of open mind too often discouraged in an open society. The Riddle/Saying goes:...


The Advenchews (ADVENTURES) of Wobin Bwown and Aunt Peggy... pawt foe (part four)

Robin Brown

Robin was playing "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" or in Robin's world... "Wock 'Em Sock 'Em Wobots"... as he would call them because of his speech "impedi- whatever "... which everyone probably knows about... by now! On these special times, Robin would fully participate in this competitive game against the Only Person in his room at the time..."Ladies and Gentlemen! Over in THIS...


Can You Go Home Again?

Fran Larson

As my sister Jeanne and I approached the little town that we were born in, Cross City, Fl., my curiosity started to waken. Jeanne, being a few years older than I, excitedly told me she would point out where our house was, the depot where Daddy worked and even where we used to go swimming. My mind wandered to times when Grandma Neff would sit still while I combed her long grayish hair. Then she would sometimes ask me to play on the...


Winkle Pickers and Pioneers

Jennifer Stewart

Ever heard of a winkle picker? It's a kind of shoe. With a pointy toe. Named after the pointy thing you use to pick out the winkle from its shell. So you can eat it. Pretty tenuous connection, I'd say. It originated in England of course. The land where Cockneys say whistle and flute when they mean suit, or Hampstead Heath instead of teeth, Scotch eggs for legs, mince pies instead of eyes, chalk farms meaning arms. So if you..




Ella Camp

I've seen you- lurking round the dark distant corners of time, the stealthy staccato of your footsteps drawing ever closer to my ear. Turning away- I am unwilling to behold the familiar features of your face. Your greed astounds me! Never sated, ever yawning jaws grinning in mockery of my fear. I know you- for I have watched you many times draw close- to breathe your foul and searing breath upon my soul. Your lingering..


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A Haunting at Jamaica Inn

Jack H. Schick

Jamaica Inn, a world famous stone-block 18th century carriage-stop, is half way between Launceston and Bodmin in Cornwall. It's near the center of Bodmin Moor, about a mile west of Dozmary Pool (where Excaliber was allegedly thrown after King Arthur's death). It's a few miles east of Brown Willy (the sacred, highest point in Cornwall). There has been an inn there since 1547, but the current building is from 1750. It was...




ANDRO-ARMODIOSITY OR HUMAN ACTIVITY ENERGO-PHYSIO-PNEUMO-NEURO-EMOTO-INTEL-PLATONIA The seeminly eternal project of human race regeneration appears to be a complex whole of the Three Core Elements: 1. •Σ•εν?ργεια•energy; 2. •Φ•φυσικ?ς•physique; 3....


Last Order Last Ride

Hilda Cang

SATURDAY had always been an exciting day for me during my teenage years although I was uncertain whom would I be dating that evening or would my so-called dream boy happen to dial my number to ask me out for a drink or a movie or even a last-minute reminder of a party of some sort and if he didn't then I would be lonely and my Saturday would be wasted. Back then. Looking out of the window to expect a car slowly appearing in the...


Changing Our Thought Process

Susan Thom

Some of us don't believe we can change certain aspects of our thought process and behavior. However, for some who want to improve on their thinking and reacting, they are changing. For whatever reason, we can learn new ways of handling stress and anger. We can change many things concerning our personality and the way we think. Instead of believing we need to raise our voices, we can make a plan to change that course of living. We...


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