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Cyber Friends and Things

Ella Camp

What is a poem but a metaphor- a parable in disguise- Philosophers, teachers, songwriters and saints, have all used this fanciful guise. To whisper softly in the ear; desires and perceptions we hold dear- To bring by light touch to the mind; these lyrical cadence as they unwind- To speak of cabbages, kings and queens, lovers and fears and whimsical things- To tell a harsh story in prose or in rhyme; painted with words in.


The Day I Almost Died (Episode #5): A Bullet in the Head

Jack H. Schick

{This is a series of stories about the times I nearly died} When I was fourteen I was shot in the face with a.22 caliber revolver. It was a neat little, double action, five shot gambler’s vest style pistol. It was shiny nickel-plate with pearl handle grips and had about a two and a half inch barrel. It could hold Shorts or Longs, but not .22 Long Rifle cartridges. There was just one Short in it that day. Check the...


How to Grow and Use Lemongrass

Arlene Wright-Correll

How to Grow and Use Lemongrass Lemon Grass Seeds - 'Cymbopogon Citrates' Lemongrass is a fragrant perennial plant that thrives in warm climates and offers a lemony flavoring to dishes. Lemongrass can grow up to 5 feet tall, either planted in pots and kept indoors in cooler climates or grown outdoors in subtropical or tropical regions. Lemongrass is easy to grow from seed, requiring no special pretreatment in order..


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My Old Could Have Been, Should Have Been, Flame

Jennifer Stewart

I was thinking today again about an American who I call Jack-that's-not-his-real-name. Because it isn't. I don't want say his real name. I wrote about him six years ago and here I am doing it again. Jack intruded on my life and my peace of mind when we were both in our mid twenties. I was doing just fine until he came along. He was the brother of my then partner Ryan (that's not his real name either). Ryan and I had..


ISRAEL and PALISTINE: Let the Sciences Weigh in! -Human Primer Knowledge

James Taylor

Okay, you have heard all the script, the rhetoric, the "only solution" resolves from the foreign policy "deciders" and I think it is about time they all listened to what the sciences have to say about it. Politicians ' speak in terms of tactics and downside possibilities. Science speaks in the language of what they can observe and prove. Big difference! It is a voice that's time has come. Human...


Asia Bibi: Seventh Christmas in Prison for Her Christian Faith

Joel Kontinen

Being a Christian can be extremely dangerous, at least in many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan with its blasphemy laws. One of the best-known victims of these laws is Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of five little children. Her ordeal began when she gave some of her co-workers a cup of water. They were Muslims, and at least some forms of their religion see sharing a drink of water with an infidel (i.e. non-Muslim) as a...


We are ALL (of) GOD and The Mystic, too

Robin Brown

Here is one of my many rhymes which I personally composed to instrumental music created by friends over in France and Belgium. Thanks again, Mattia and Roman. COPY and PASTE this " darkened address... BELOW this paragraph" and place into your "search engine" to hear this particlar musical track or you can also be directed to... the listed "MY BIO" segment at the "end" of each of the...

Remembering December 7, 1941 on the USS Arizona Tour at Pearl Harbor

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

The USS Arizona Memorial is a national monument honoring those who served in the Pacific Theatre during and after the Japanese naval assault on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The memorial structure is built on and directly over the rusted remains of the sunken battleship USS Arizona. This is the final resting place of 1,177 Americans killed when a bomb penetrated the deck above the ship’s munitions magazine during...


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GrumpyOldMen-The Big Society and other stupid phrases

kevin ashton

The Big Society and other stupid phrases Big Society......Quality time....... Deplaning...............I'm going to give it 110%! Are these catch phrases dreamed up to shift the focus away from the real problem? Let's face it "The Big Society" paints a vaguely rosy picture of us all (in the UK) being better more caring citizens....but by the looks of it won't be funded by anyone and thus will...


Read N Smile

Hilda Cang

At the police station, a nervous and drained-looking woman was recounting to the police personnel how she was being robbed inside her apartment by an intruder the night before. Woman: I was about to sleep and then,suddenly, a man sneaked into my bedroom from nowhere and he pushed me hard to my bed, tore apart my clothes and at that critical moment, he grabbed my bag that I left on the dressing table that contained money and other...



Yes, I Nominated Donald Trump for Presidency Since 2013! But There Was a Small Catch...

Heba Hosny

I did it! I nominated Donald Trump to become Egypt's president back in 2013 as I was hoping he'd utilize his superior leadership skills to hire the right candidates for key positions. In the meantime, I was so eager to hear Trump shout out loud "You're FIRED!" to former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. I guess I was the first one to see Trump as a "president material" even before he did! You may...



The Christ-Light Masquerade

Paul Schroeder

My 'high-strangeness' paranormal experiences are generally disbelieved by my dubious family, who when I attempt to share, stare at me, like I had lobsters coming out of my ears, so instead, I write; paper is much more patient than people. A psychic medium and an expert in an astounding craft, reverse speech analysis, have both assured me, that as a ruse, and as a means to cement myself closer, to them, reptilian aliens...


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