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Punch Me, But Don't Massacre Me With Your Words

Susan Thom

Many of us remember getting hit with the "belt" or slapped, or spanked. We don’t feel the pain any longer, and the memory is not often painful, unless severe abuse was rendered. However, words remain in our minds forever. The hurtful and demeaning sounds still reverberate in our minds and never go away. I know my father hit my siblings and I with the belt on occasion, but I don’t recall the exact situations. I do,.



Boost Your Blog's Credibility By Sourcing


Why do you write a business blog? Is it because you have a need to share your thoughts with a wider audience than the cat in your lap or your spouse (I hope so since it's a business blog)? People need to hear what you have to say for some reason, so you are obliging them by writing consistent blog posts. But what gives your posts credibility? Why would someone think of you as an expert? Do you: Have a job that is...


The Blame Game in Full Swing

Patricia Johnson

The Blame Game in Full Swing By Patricia L Johnson Earlier today I was talking to a friend on the phone. I called to see how she was doing as she is still in the hospital recuperating from surgery and during the call we discussed a few problems she was having with two people in her life. In both instances she was only able to view the problem from her own perspective, without giving any consideration whatsoever to..


8 Tips to Help You Create a Healthy-Weight Lifestyle

Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz

There are many ways to lose weight - some sensible, others not so much. In fact, the internet is loaded with tons of ridiculously bad advice on how to slim down. Despite what you hear in the media, the basics of achieving a healthy weight haven't changed all that much in the past few decades. Sure, there is a lot of debate about the details, but the overall principles remain unchanged. Here are eight time-tested principles to...


Guidelines for Breast Health

Michelle Stewart

In the pink is pervasive this month. According to, the idiom is actually "in the pink of health." One would think that this is the connection between breast cancer awareness and the pink images that are highly visible. In reality, the symbol is derived from a ribbon's symbolism as a sign of courage and support, and a promotion by Self magazine and Estee Lauder cosmetics in 1992. The pink ribbon promotion...


The Life Of Jesus-Purely Prophecies Fulfilled

Ngozi Nwoke

How many people do you know whose lives were prophesied about before they were born? Jesus Christ is one of them. In His case, virtually everything about His life was prophesied long before He was born! What does this mean? It surely shows He is not a fake and He means business. He is the perfect example of the fact that God, as an architect of your life, already has a plan for your life. This plan can now be built up as you grow if.


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Bing Limousin

For some reason when autumn leaves begin to fall I think of a fishing lure I once had in my tackle box. The trigger for this ponder is not linked to the natural, seasonal fattening instincts of the smallmouth bass on nearby Lake Credence, but rather the American election season soon upon us. All us human animals need abstract models to help our simple minds organize the universe of chaos in which we know we are in the midst. For.



Change is possible – Mumkin Hai !!


I stopped reading the newspaper long time back. With the news full of scams, murders, rapes and corruption, it makes all of us feel helpless and resigned. “Nothing can change this country” – we say and get on with our daily routines. This feeling of resignation makes us blind. It makes us somebody who is only ready to blame and not take any responsibility. It makes us blame the authorities, government, neighbors,...


Erin Brockovich - The Inside Story

Neil Killion

"THERE ARE THREE VERSIONS OF EVERY STORY. YOURS, THEIRS AND THE TRUTH." Robert Evans I've used one of my favourite quotes from the post on Diana Ross, again in this post. Why would that be? We all think we know the Erin Brockovich story, right? We've seen the film. We loved Julia Roberts in the title role and so did the critics. In fact, she won a Golden Globe and an Oscar. She was portraying the real-life..


Oatmeal In The Dish and Oatmeal In The Jar

Jessie Eldora

more than simple oatmeal porridge ... Power Oatmeal Porridge Recipe This rib-sticking porridge is made with oats and protein-rich quinoa. Added pumpkin, maple syrup, walnuts and dried cranberries. Total time: Prep: 15 min. Cook: 30 min. Makes: 4 servings Ingredients 3 cups water 3/4 cup steel-cut oats 1/2 cup quinoa, rinsed 1/4 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup canned pumpkin 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 3...



Webinar Marketing for Newbies: 5 Steps To Creating and Marketing Your First Webinar

Sydni Craig-Hart

If you've never created a webinar before, the thought of webinar marketing can be really intimidating. You're probably wondering... How will I work out the technical aspects of holding a webinar? How do I give people access to the webinar? What platform should I use for hosting the webinar? What should the webinar be about, anyway? How do I get people to attend my webinar? Don't worry! While webinars.


Review: Random Targets Authored By James Raven


Author: James Raven ISBN: 978-0-7198-1366-5 Publisher: Robert Hale Limited In James Raven's recent novel, Random Targets a serial sniper is on the loose in England who launches a precise planned campaign of terror, launching random senseless attacks on motorists with a high powered rifle during rush hours on different motorways. The results are catastrophic resulting in multiple deaths. injuries and considerable...


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