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The U.S. Deficit as a Percentage of GDP

Patricia Johnson

By Patricia L Johnson The U.S. deficit has been a major topic of discussion, especially when it gets close to an election. The opposing party has continually used the deficit as a topic of conversation to indicate how poorly the U.S. economy is doing. Pictures always speak louder than words and my original intent was to prepare a chart to show how the deficit, as a percentage of GDP, which is the defining number, has decreased..


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Queen Bees - What creates them?


I have never really experienced this because I never had a direct female boss, but when I heard of this phenomenon of Queen Bee and stories related to this – I am quite certain that it is a reality. When a woman rises up the corporate ladder which is mainly male dominated, she doesn’t let other female counterparts or subordinates to rise up the same ladder. She discourages and can go to any extent to get rid of any...


Circulation, Health and Disease

Richard Heft

I wrote my book, Hot and Cold Health (available Amazon) for those who like to think befor they swallow (supplements, herbs, etc.). Be your own doctor unless you like drugs, surgery and radiation. The heart commands, controls circulation of blood via its system of vessels: arteries, veins and capillaries. Blood carries nutrients and wastes to and from every cell, tissue. Without blood, nutrients, there is no structure,...



Vindictiveness Can Kill You And Damage Everyone Around You

Susan Thom

I believe vindictiveness stems from low self esteem and low self confidence. It is a selfish way to live. It keeps you thinking only about yourself, and not what is best for all involved. If a situation doesn’t fit into your plans, you veto it in the control and power that you have manipulated. You leave others sad and depressed, and you don’t care; if anything, you wanted that conclusion. Why? Because you are afraid things.


Review: Gollywood Here I come


Author: Terry John Barto Illustrator: Mattia Cerato Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-4969-3509-0 (Soft cover) ISBN: 978-1-4969-3512-0 (E-Book) Admittedly, many of us fantasize of being famous and in all likelihood we have heard the expression, “Hollywood here I come.” Now along comes Gollywood Here I come, a visually dazzling children's picture book crafted by the acclaimed theater...


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Our THIS Time Plans!

Paula Andrea

Along with our desire to be loved, we inadvertently {often times, more conscious than not} long to be appreciated, respected and made to feel special. We desire to KNOW we are the only one; a certain entitlement, as such. But, when we place that much singularity of importance, in any matter, most especially in our dealings with others, heartache is guaranteed. We seek happiness at the expense of self- respect. Happiness is fleeting,...


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Looking Backwards Through a Prism: A Young Girl's Question

Jack H. Schick

I was asked to ‘talk’ about local Underground Railroad activities to a couple of classes at the United Friends School (the Quaker school in, of all places, Quakertown, PA). It was part of their ‘celebration’ of Black History Month. The local Quakers (and others), were very much involved in the UGRR and other abolitionist activities in the early and mid 1800’s. As the historian and Co-Clerk (sort of like a..



Tailgate for Well-Being

Michelle Stewart

We're well into the football season and whether your team runs plays with pint-size players, the Friday night lights group or the NFL, dishing up good things to eat is a big part of the game. Game day snacks are often not the best choice for the well-being lifestyle. Now I am not trying to pre-empt your football party, my goal is to share options that are just as tempting, but will score big if you're playing for better health..


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I Held My Breath

Jean Horst

Two weeks ago, I got a phone message from the school nurse. "Mrs Horst, we're sending your son's ECG results home with him today. He has an abnormality, it's not serious but you should see a cardiologist. If you have any questions, call me back. I don't want you to panic." Ok, I won't panic. I'll call you back. She says, "It's very minor, you should just take him to the cardiologist who...


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Another Day, A Poem (or maybe just random thoughts about today)

Bruce Horst

I could have another thousand days like today, and I would never get tired of them. I awake earlier than anyone I know. I didn't choose to, it's just how I am. I awake next to my favorite person, but she won't be awake for some time. I have a new idea. I write the code more easily than I have most conversations. I've been doing this for a long time. A tightly choreographed launch to everyone's day...

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A Metaphoric Story of Human Misconception- Chapter One

Ella Camp

Human life and all of its attending emotions and actions is a metaphor for a larger more comprehensive picture of different groups and races of people on Earth; as this picture is in turn a metaphor for individual lives, each with their own personal emotions and actions. Metaphors always mirror each other, from the ultimate (for us) of our universe, to our physical planet and all its emotions and actions, through civilizations..


Long Beach, California: A Family Vacation Treat

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Recently, we had an opportunity to experience Long Beach , California, in depth – the transformation of this city over the decades is nothing less than astonishing. What was an unremarkable middle class town has magically morphed into an exciting convention and vacation destination that rivals the best of what other Southern California beach towns have to offer. We started out at SFO Our Long Beach..


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