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Touring Eastern Europe on a Viking River Cruise Longship

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

After writing scores of articles about ocean cruises, we decided to see what motivates vacationers to take European river cruises. We are glad we did. So much to choose from There are endless selections of river cruise itineraries on the internet, so we sought the guidance of three prominent river cruise companies in Europe – Amway, Uniworld, and Viking. Viking River Cruises comes through Viking River Cruises was..


We Saw The Zombies!

Jack H. Schick

There certainly is a weird, disconcerting infatuation with zombies these days. I mean the fake, sci-fi zombies, not the real, voodoo ones from the Afro-Caribbean culture. Zombies seem to be everywhere. I couldn't hope to name all the movies: Night of the living Dead (old and new), Dawn of the Dead (old and new), Day of the Dead , Diary of the Dead , Land of the Dead , World War Z , Zombieland . The TV show, The Walking...



A slang-filled RE-WRITE by Robin of: "IF" by RUDYARD KIPLING

Robin Brown

This re-write of one OF ... if not THE most... spiritually esoteric rhymes of all time ... created and written by Rudyard Kipling! THE SLANG RE-WRITE by Robin of: "IF" ... BY... RUDYARD KIPLING Dude! If you can keep the "sh!t off yer own shoes" when all...

Be On Track With Mental Illness.

Susan Thom

When someone walks by you with a cast on their leg, you know they have a broken leg and have gone through pain. When someone has a mental illness such as bipolar, and manic depressant, others have no idea that our brains are wired differently and we either have to suffer, or take medication. Many go untreated because they think it’s simply them and they live with the symptoms. The medications I’ve been on help me...


Some More Good Reasons to Use Chives

Arlene Wright-Correll

Some More Good Reasons to Use Chives@ By Arlene Wright- Correll Here at Home Farm Herbery we not only grow chives, we sell the seeds so you can grow your own and we dry the chives and sell them to our customers who do not grow them. We along with our customers have many uses for them and we find this multipurpose health booster to be high in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, calcium and iron and...



The Devastating Effects of Pornography on the Human psyche

Ella Camp

As a voracious parasite- pornography gorges on the most basic of human instincts-our sexuality. Alike unto a mad scientist experimenting with the human psyche, it attempts to rewire this most primal instinct onto an unreal idea and projection; creating monstrous beliefs in the minds of its unsuspecting victims. It creates a fabricated stimulus that diverts natural human sexual desire toward an unnatural belief in mechanical...

Human Primer: How to Clean a Swamp 101, The Basics

James Taylor

Whether you like Trump or not... he got our attention. He woke us all up. Thanks for that. Turns out Washington has been quite busy... we didn't know, we haven't been paying attention. Now we are. Yes there really is a big damn swamp up there. Thing is... about a swamp, if you have been living there you had to learn survival in all that stink. Trump gets it. He is a bonafide swamp navigator! You had to swim in it...



Bing Limousin

They were so kind. They loved it, 'this is great Art' they all said. I didn't have the heart to tell them it wasn't really Art at all. I thought to correct them about the true meaning of Art, but then my years as an artist shone through and saved me, and them. Sometimes the smartest thing you say is while your mouth is closed with only an appreciative smile. The days are gone when if I thought it, I said it. It...



Transforming Our World - one conversation at a time.

Zen Benefiel

Invitations Over the last few months I've been participating in a number of conversations online as well as on Zoom (a video platform for online meetings). The nature of the conversations is about learning how to listen and respond from the present moment. The folks involved are from around the world, most of them involved with U.Lab and functioning professionally as entrepreneurs, business owners, change agents (interim...


Sometimes there are alternative facts

Joel Hirschhorn

Except for certain constants in physics, chemistry and some other sciences there really are alternative facts for myriad answers to questions. The recent brouhaha over the use of the term alternative facts by a Trump White House staffer reveals more than media bias. It reveals utter stupidity. As someone with a doctorate in science and engineering, a former full professor of engineering at a major university, the author of five...


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My Old Could Have Been, Should Have Been, Flame

Jennifer Stewart

I was thinking today again about an American who I call Jack-that's-not-his-real-name. Because it isn't. I don't want say his real name. I wrote about him six years ago and here I am doing it again. Jack intruded on my life and my peace of mind when we were both in our mid twenties. I was doing just fine until he came along. He was the brother of my then partner Ryan (that's not his real name either). Ryan and I had..


Asia Bibi: Seventh Christmas in Prison for Her Christian Faith

Joel Kontinen

Being a Christian can be extremely dangerous, at least in many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan with its blasphemy laws. One of the best-known victims of these laws is Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of five little children. Her ordeal began when she gave some of her co-workers a cup of water. They were Muslims, and at least some forms of their religion see sharing a drink of water with an infidel (i.e. non-Muslim) as a...


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