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The Rowboat (Part 6: Home Again)

Jack H. Schick

My first months at the junior high school were so traumatic that memories of the experience are etched as vividly into my brain as are the photographs of slithering beasts and snarling gargoyles carved on the walls of a Sumerian tomb I saw in National Geographic when I was a youngster. I was so scared and tried so hard to not screw up that I can still remember my schedule, my teachers and where my seventh grade rooms were. First was...


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GrumpyOldMen-The Big Society and other stupid phrases

kevin ashton

The Big Society and other stupid phrases Big Society......Quality time....... Deplaning...............I'm going to give it 110%! Are these catch phrases dreamed up to shift the focus away from the real problem? Let's face it "The Big Society" paints a vaguely rosy picture of us all (in the UK) being better more caring citizens....but by the looks of it won't be funded by anyone and thus will...



To Touch BETRAYAL... slightly FAIL... then bail... in order to face and THEN... reflectively PREVAIL!

Robin Brown

This TIME of desire... seems but a STREAM ... a dream... from here to there... 2 inbetween. Where does it start? Where does it end? To the transcendence of thought... to create (WHERE?) ...WITHIN! We desire our time... to slow its pace which is a place to chase... and fully embrace, a simple trace of grace... a grace displaced ORRRR... we speed it up... to replace this race to this place...

Read N Smile

Hilda Cang

At the police station, a nervous and drained-looking woman was recounting to the police personnel how she was being robbed inside her apartment by an intruder the night before. Woman: I was about to sleep and then,suddenly, a man sneaked into my bedroom from nowhere and he pushed me hard to my bed, tore apart my clothes and at that critical moment, he grabbed my bag that I left on the dressing table that contained money and other...


Honoring Veterans: The Thayer Hotel At West Point

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Few public inns in the United States can boast the patriotic pedigree of the Thayer Hotel at West Point. We paid a visit to the award-winning Thayer Hotel during the holiday season, and felt it especially appropriate to write about this unique hotel on Veterans Day, when we honor the members of the military that have gallantly served our country. General Douglas MacArthur stayed at the Thayer whenever he visited the...



Yes, I Nominated Donald Trump for Presidency Since 2013! But There Was a Small Catch...

Heba Hosny

I did it! I nominated Donald Trump to become Egypt's president back in 2013 as I was hoping he'd utilize his superior leadership skills to hire the right candidates for key positions. In the meantime, I was so eager to hear Trump shout out loud "You're FIRED!" to former Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi. I guess I was the first one to see Trump as a "president material" even before he did! You may...


Why Drinking Tea is Good for You

Arlene Wright-Correll

Why Drinking Tea is Good for You© By Arlene Wright-Correll Here at Home Farm Herbery we blend many teas for our customers. We blend herbal tea, Chai, Tisanes, Caffeine-Free and teas containing caffeine. Matter of fact we offer over 79 different kinds of teas and they can be found either on our Home Farm Herbery page or on the page at our Etsy store . We grow most everything here except the tea that..



The Christ-Light Masquerade

Paul Schroeder

A psychic medium and an expert in an astounding craft, reverse speech analysis, have both assured me, that as a ruse, and as a means to cement myself closer, to them, reptilian aliens constructed a 'Lucifer' experience, for me, presented a charade of supernatural goodness with a deception that underlines their reptilian diabolical brilliance. It broke my heart, twice, because neither investigator knew the other. ..



Self Soothing May Save Your Life

Susan Thom

Self Soothing May Save Your Life There are many ways we can soothe ourselves when we are under duress. We can take a nice warm bath, read a good book, have a hot cup of tea, take a nap, watch a good movie, communicate on the Internet with friends, write down our thoughts, talk on the phone, play some games on the computer, or go for a walk. We can play with our animals or children or grandchildren, and instantly soothe our stress....



Our Legacy from the garden of Eden

Ella Camp

“ She bound her ankles in chains of gold And danced in the moonlight to the music of the dark one’s flute. Onlookers thought her crazy. The cup of venom she laughed as she drank; From a chalice studded with glittering gems of erotic pleasures. Blinded by the dark one, who has already seized him, he sees not the antidote within; Forewarned with the knowledge of his...

New York Times Telling the Truth About Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump

Jennifer Stewart

David Leonhardt of the New York Times recently sent out an email to subscribers introducing himself and asking what we wanted to read, even providing an email address. I replied. "I've been reading the NYT every morning with my breakfast for years. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was ready to ditch my subscription; disillusioned with all the irresponsible attention given to Trump, sick to death of headlines that...


Dog Quotes For Every Dog Lover

Bernard Branson

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make lives whole.” - Roger Caras “Dogs are my favorite people.” - Richard Dean Anderson “Dogs are wise. The crawl away into a quite corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” - Agatha Christie “Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell.” - Emily Dickson ...


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