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Zen Benefiel

Invitations Over the last few months I've been participating in a number of conversations online as well as on Zoom (a video platform for online meetings). The nature of the conversations is about learning how to listen and respond from the present moment. The folks involved are from around the world, most of them involved with U.Lab and functioning professionally as entrepreneurs, business owners, change agents (interim...


Turnkey... to the COLD friggin' SPIRITUAL TUR-KEY?

Robin Brown

STOPPING ... what- EVEEEER.. . with a: "Spiritually Metaphoric transcendence of: "sub-conscious chronic disrespect" or the unwillingness to turn on: " THAT LOVE " switch... to itch and stitch... RESPECT... back into THAT... "ALL unknown sub-conscious NEGLECT! !" Just breath deep and LET THAT... BAD BOY of "NEGLECT", GO... upon this particular awakening... for THIS... sub-conscious.


The Short, Violent Life of Buffalo Calf Road Woman (Part 3: A Destitute Submission)

Jack H. Schick

After she was named 'Brave Woman' for her heroic actions at the Battle of the Rosebud , then was credited with shooting General Custer from his horse as he tried to cross the Little Bighorn River, Buffalo Calf Road Woman, her two small children, her husband Black Coyote and her brother Comes in Sight--all members of Little Wolf's band of Northern Cheyenne--fled with the rest of their people into the Bighorn Mountains to...


America the Greatest! Rebuilding a Clean Swamp

James Taylor

One thing about the last U.S. election that was true: The swamp did need cleaning! The question is: A cleaned out swamp can be anything... " what are we going to build?" It seems the universal rallying cry is to build something GREAT! A central theme we can all agree on. Sounds good enough to be true. Let us define Great. As Americans, we all need to make a unified decision. Who are we? How do we want the...


The Legendary Walled City of Dubrovnik: Pearl of the Adriatic

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

Established in the 7th century A.D., the ancient and scenic port city of Dubrovnik lies in the southernmost part of the Republic of Croatia , - almost directly across the Adriatic Sea from the "spur" in the boot of Italy. It is a beautiful city of colorful red-topped tile roofs and cobblestone streets, all of which looks very much like it did centuries ago. The Pearl of the Adriatic Among the city's many...


Sometimes there are alternative facts

Joel Hirschhorn

Except for certain constants in physics, chemistry and some other sciences there really are alternative facts for myriad answers to questions. The recent brouhaha over the use of the term alternative facts by a Trump White House staffer reveals more than media bias. It reveals utter stupidity. As someone with a doctorate in science and engineering, a former full professor of engineering at a major university, the author of five...


Cooking Brussels Sprouts the Correct Way Helps Fight Cancer

Arlene Wright-Correll

Cooking Brussels Sprouts the Correct Way Helps Fight Cancer@ By Arlene Wright-Correll At Home Farm Herbery we grow Brussels Sprout Long Island Catskill Heirloom Seeds and this popular Brussels Sprout variety produces miniature cabbage-like heads which are extremely tasty and nutritious. However, Did you know that Brussels sprouts contain sulforaphane, a chemical believed to have potent anti-cancer...



Some Words Aren't Meant To Be Heard

Susan Thom

I remember sitting in my walker, listening to the grown ups, and wishing I could talk. I wanted them to know I knew what they were saying, but I was too young to talk. Had I carried on this trait of being able to restrain my mouth over the years, I’d probably would have had an easier time of it. When you can’t get your point across, it’s a frustration that can quickly turn to anger. Anger causes stress, stress causes..



" Get Yourself Some Cheap Sunglasses"

Ella Camp

Looking at life through different hues is the way in which humans create their views. We may buy sunglasses in a myriad of shapes styles and different colored lenses, but because of their versatile, interchangeable and sometimes disposal usage; may prefer not to spend a lot of money on their purchase. Buying and wearing only one pair may limit the versatility of our perceptions; beside the fact that we’ll probably lose...

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My Old Could Have Been, Should Have Been, Flame

Jennifer Stewart

I was thinking today again about an American who I call Jack-that's-not-his-real-name. Because it isn't. I don't want say his real name. I wrote about him six years ago and here I am doing it again. Jack intruded on my life and my peace of mind when we were both in our mid twenties. I was doing just fine until he came along. He was the brother of my then partner Ryan (that's not his real name either). Ryan and I had..


Asia Bibi: Seventh Christmas in Prison for Her Christian Faith

Joel Kontinen

Being a Christian can be extremely dangerous, at least in many Islamic countries, such as Pakistan with its blasphemy laws. One of the best-known victims of these laws is Asia Bibi, a 45-year-old mother of five little children. Her ordeal began when she gave some of her co-workers a cup of water. They were Muslims, and at least some forms of their religion see sharing a drink of water with an infidel (i.e. non-Muslim) as a...


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GrumpyOldMen-The Big Society and other stupid phrases

kevin ashton

The Big Society and other stupid phrases Big Society......Quality time....... Deplaning...............I'm going to give it 110%! Are these catch phrases dreamed up to shift the focus away from the real problem? Let's face it "The Big Society" paints a vaguely rosy picture of us all (in the UK) being better more caring citizens....but by the looks of it won't be funded by anyone and thus will...


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