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The Art of Chess: Searching for Josh, Boris and Bobby

Jack H. Schick

When I was a kid, my mom (like most moms) thought I was smart. Maybe I was, as far as IQ goes, but over my lifetime I've been pretty consistent at acting like an idiot and doing stupid things. 'Smart' is a relative term and a characteristic that's hard to accurately assess. To encourage my infrequently demonstrated 'smartness,' my mom bought me a chess set. It was a cheap one with standard shaped pieces that...


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All Lives Are Sacred Under The Eyes Of The Great Spirit

Jim Fargiano

Jim Fargiano July 8, 2016 When the worst of human behavior is exhibited, it is the perfect time for you to redouble your own efforts to exhibit the innate love and bond you have with God and the angels who want to make life safe. This is something that clearly does not, nor should ever be thought of in terms of who is what skin color, what ethnicity and so forth. All lives are sacred under the eyes of the Great Spirit, as they...



Life Is Like A Millionaire

Hilda Cang

"MONEY often costs so much." - Ralph Waldo Emerson. In order to provide a better family life for his wife after their second baby was born, James decided to work harder and smarter so that they could live a happier life. His personal theory and belief is that money is a factor of creating happiness in a sense that no one could disagree with, by all means. Likewise if a man is unable to take care of his family then he would.



Wake Up Everybody, Again, or Still

Steve Kovacs

Memory lane. 1975. 'Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' featuring Teddy Pendergrass were on top of the soul music charts with several songs, including ‘Wake Up Everybody’. That song was, and to this day, is one of my favorites. It’s about how bad the times were back in the 1970’s and specified loads of problems going on back in-the-day like: cheating businessman, poverty, false preachers, dope users and..



My Weekend Writing Experiment - Making the World a Better Place

Bruce Horst

Writers write, right? These days I don’t write very much under my real name as being objectionable can get you shot in some parts. Most evenings and weekends you’ll find me on message boards and comment sections arguing my positions using pseudonyms. Ozzy, Tom Paine and Dataguy are my favorites. The pay isn’t good (zilch!) but it is rewarding to be able to convince someone to recognize a new point of view when...


The "Our World Around Us" Rhyme!

Robin Brown

Once upon a time... now known, A world was born from seeds past sewn From impatience held from heart once bound, This unknown KEY has now been found. I have wiped that tear from fallen star... For the fear and pain, now... but a scar. Amongst us now... and right before our eyes and not too far mistaken... as this "one deep breath" has now been taken. The confusion itself is now foresaken ...



Neil Killion

Sara, Franklin and Eleanor I have now studied quite a few instances of what I call the 'one day phenomenon' where a person's life is fundamentally altered by events that happen in one single day of their entire age 36 Year of Revolution . Some of these are standouts in terms of the person's subsequent career (like Joy Mangano and the Miracle Mop ). Some are moments where a person's life hung in the balance..


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When Your Mind Thinks Correctly, Peace Will Follow

Susan Thom

Being human came with a mind that can beneficially be changed to think in the best, most altruistic way. So much negativity and arguing cannot live up to the life we all want to peace. How can we work on our thoughts and reactions to others? First, we must evaluate what we will drop from our thinking and responding. Does life’s situations overwhelm us at our most vulnerable times? If something is bothering us, we need.


Mulling is Back

Arlene Wright-Correll

Mulling is Back Sit back and enjoy the an old practice Mulling, one that involves infusing warmed juices, ciders, or wines with a collection of luscious ingredients, and results in a smooth and soothing evening beverage. You can even make mulled coffee and mulled tea. You can make Mulled Wine with Herbs as there are many recipes inspired by Glögg, a traditional Scandinavian holiday drink which brings warmth and cheer in the...


Vacation Like a San Francisco Sea Lion: Head to Oregon

Wayne and Judy Bayliff

The famous San Francisco sea lions that occupy prime dock space on Pier 39 first appeared there shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Then in 2009 they mysteriously disappeared for three months. Where did they go? Oregonians believe that the celebrity sea lions headed north to holiday on the turbulent and exciting shores of the central coast of Oregon. To be exact, they headed for the famous Sea Lion Caves in...




DISTORSII DESIDERORUM: THE DISTORTION OF DESIRES. that day, there was a training the title of wh ich could have never been even mentioned in that far-away, space-and-time separated country I used to live in. that was the description of the bi-desires of touching the same in some safe nook of the Universe, good-willed, delicately projected and designed not to offend a person, not to criticize hi(e)m(r) being ready to step.



Lawrence Jones

P is for power of your voice. R is for the right stuff you had to be famous. I is for intelligence beyond your years. N is for a nice guy for a friend. C is for creative genius that will reign supreme in the eyes of all humanity. E is for establishing yourself as the Pharaoh of Music. ROGER R is for the righteous way you conducted yourself in interviews. O is for the.


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