April 7, 2008
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Recently, a reader of one of my other articles asked the question;

" How do you take down an above ground swimming pool to move it? I can't seem to find anything to help me. I read your article on replacing a liner but I need to know how to move one".

Well, (I thought to my self), this is a very good question. So, here is a basic step-by-step guide on the basic proceedure: ( You'll need at least three people, to help with your wall).

1) Drain all water out of pool using a sump pump.

2) Remove skimmers, returns, lights etc.

3) Remove old liner, (use a razor knife and cut into manageable folded pieces). You'll need a new liner if your going to reinstall the pool.

4) Remove Top Seat Ledge covers

5) Remove Top Seat Ledges.

6) Remove Top Rail and Joiner Plates.

7) Locate Wall Bolt Joint on the Pool Wall and remove the corresponding Upright.

8) Now, get some help and remove all Wall Bolts and associated hardware.

9) Next, start pulling the wall out of the bottom rail (track). And roll the wall up as you remove it from the bottom rail. When finished, duct tape the wall so it does not unroll.

10) Pull the uprights, bottom rail and bottom rail joiner plates out of the ground in sections.

11) Remove uprights from bottom joiner plates.

12) Make sure to separate all components and save all hardware!

That's it! For installation of the pool, please see the "Help Center" section located at http://www.bubbaspools.com . There are also pictures which may help with your installation under "Pool Pics" on the website.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Daniel G. Osko

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