The name Lorenzo von Matterhorn has become all the rage on the internet search engines. Is this individual a Swede, German, Fin? Has he discovered a cure for cancer? Is he a jet-setting billionaire? In a word... NO. Lorenzo von Matterhorn is the figment of a Hollywood sitcom writer's imagination. To be clear: he is a fictitious character, used by a fictitious sitcom character. 

How I Met Your Mother is clearly a very popular show. "The Playbook" (Season 5, episode 8) aired Monday night, and Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) pickup secrets came out into the open. The Lorenzo Von Matterhorn is just one strategy, where the pickup artist creates an extensive body of fake praise and publicity online, acts humbled when a potential mate hasn't heard of him, and then tells her to hit Google to figure him out. Fans have been Googling, but "Lorenzo Von Matterhorn" just redirects to the episode page on Wikipedia.

Fans of the show and unknowing searchers have made this Google search one of the hottest Google trends in the past couple of days. Which leads us back to... there must be something better to do.
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