The crisp sandwich or the crisp butty is a thing of beauty and is simplicity itself to create. Perhaps better known as a potato chip sandwich in the United States, there really are an unlimited amount of options and recipes to make the sandwich a delectable, personalised dream.

There is nothing particularly healthy about this sandwich (unless you load it full of salad), and it’s pretty addictive, so it really should be saved for those treat time indulgences.

To make the most basic, most traditional crisp sandwich, all you need is 3 ingredients. Here is my crisp sandwich recipe and preparation procedure:

Bread – White or brown, sliced or in the form of a roll (barm, bap, cob, bun etc)

Butter– Margarine will suffice but to get the most from your crisp butty, butter rules.

Crisps (potato chips) - If you get the crisp flavour right, there will be no need for any further ingredients. My personal potato chip tipple is Worcester sauce flavour! Salt and Vinegar runs it a close second though.

Sandwich construction is vital to the enjoyment of the finished product. Let’s take a sliced bread option for example.

  • Place the bread flat down on a clean surface (kitchen paper or kitchen roll is a good option if you want to minimise washing up).
  • Apply a thin layer of your chosen butter and carefully place the crisp or potato chips across one slice of the bread only.
  • A double layer of crisps is challenging but rewarding! Take another slice of bread (also buttered) and gently and symmetrically position on top of the crisps.
Now, this next stage is the most important one.

  • Gently add pressure with a palm of a hand (left works better for me) to the top slice of bread. The trick here is to compress the sandwich just enough to make the consumption viable without crushing the crisps entirely. Maintaining some potato chip structure within, will add a highly desirable “crunch” to the experience.
  • Devour at your leisure, rejoicing in the sublime nature of it all!
Of course, many other ingredients can be added and enjoyed, such as pickles, peanut butter, a variety of jams, lettuce, cucumber and other salads or even occasionally a slice of ham or beef. All fine, but the more ingredients that are added, the less sparkle your crisp sandwich will have!

The superstore, Asda, apparently now even stocks pre-made crisp butties! Whatever tickles your fancy, but not for me thank you! Homemade is the only way to go!

According to Wikipedia, the most high profile reference to a potato chip sandwich was in the Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington movie, American Gangster in which Mr Crowe himself made one for his own Thanksgiving dinner!

I have been making crisp sandwiches since my early teens, so am somewhat of an authority on the issue, but please feel free to share with me your own ideas of the perfect crisp sandwich.
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