First the NYT reporter reports that Omigod Hillary Clinton used a private email account when Secretary of State. Then Jeb Bush is morally outraged and vituperously expressive of his disgust at the Security Risk Clinton exposed the country to.

And the GOP girds its loins to take Clinton down once and for all because she clearly Can. Not. Be. Trusted. To run a country the way we can. Then the Bhenghazi dogs start slavering, relieved—in their secret little heart of hearts—that they can turn their attention to something other than digging through imaginary dirt piles in search of imaginary evidence to prove Hillary Clinton guilty of something she isn’t guilty of.

Then it turns out that the NYT reporter er, um, exaggerated a little.

Or a lot. And Jeb Bush was discovered to have used his own private email account to discuss Security Matters when he was Governor of Florida. 

Then Hillary Clinton turns over the emails she has and the Bhenghazi dogs slaver some more because For. Sure. She’s Covering. Something. Up. And they find it! She didn’t save everything. Skullduggery afoot.

Then Clinton says hey, nothing’s lost because the emails were sent within the Department, and all those are archived as per a Directive. Then it turns out that er, um, well, they may not have been. Because the State Department is taking a while get around to archiving all its correspondence, mostly because they might be, you know, doing some things that could be a little more significant than updating their email filing system as per the Directive. Might be. Just saying. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they've got nothing better to do.

After all that, it seems that Hillary Clinton isn’t even guilty of anything at all. The Bhenghazi dogs snap and snarl and slaver bitterly amongst themselves like angry, hungry, disappointed hyenas twice deprived of a kill.

And all is quiet on the NYT front because try as they might, they just can’t rustle up an eye-catching headline out of NYT-Reporter Gets it Wrong.

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