It's been awhile since I posted here. Not going to post anything profound, just writing this article to let anyone interested in prophecy know that I recently finished my 17th book. It is titled; "False Doctrines; Misconceptions Inside the Church." My books are for those who are interested in taking another look at what Scripture actually has to say in its purest form.

If anyone is interested in prophecy, they can look up my books on I write from the standpoint that all prophecy is literal and can be understood. There is no ambiguity in my writings. I explain prophecy by showing that it is all literal and can be taken literally and be understood. God didn't want His prophecies to be misunderstood.

Most prophetic writers allegorize prophecy meant to be taken literally. This only adds confusion. When something can be taken several different ways, we are hard pressed to know if it came to pass or not. This is NOT what God intended. So if you are so inclined and want to hear prophecy as you have never heard it before, look my books up.

Prophecy is not for everyone. At least the study of it isn't. However, there are still a few left who desire to know what is coming. It is to those few I am writing here. My books pull no punches. There are some things that you will never hear in your Sunday Church meetings. Why? Because they don't take prophecy literally. They should however. It was meant as a challenge by God to those who refused to believe. He wanted to prove Himself to them. This is why all prophecy is literal and can be understood.

May God bless you the reader.

Jesus Villalobos

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